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PTA Connect is born of a simple idea. In essence it is for anyone to use who either requires information in the educational arena or has information to share. If you're familiar with internet forums then you'll already know how powerful they can be when well attended, but if you're not, just take a look about.

Each forum within PTA Connect is currently relevant to an educational establishment. If you want a forum started in the name of your establishment, email with the name you require and the forum will be started within 24 hours under normal circumstances.Within each forum are topics otherwise known as threads which can be started by any registered user. REGISTRATION IS FREE AND FAST. Once a thread has been started anyone can post a reply to that thread. In that post can be hand typed text, links to other websites or attachments.

These forums can be searched for information in the same way as you would carry out a keyword search on the web. Examples for use: We all know how difficult it can be for a sub-committee or for several PTA members to collate information or have a single point of reference for a large fund-raising event. For this you could start a new thread in your forum entitled with the name of the project or request a sub-forum be created. From that point all communication and information relevant to that project would be posted here enabling all members to be aware of current activity.

Once registered, you can subscribe to any thread or forum enabling you to receive an email each time someone posts to it. If you have had a successful fund raising project, you might want to share it with the rest of the PTA Connect users. If you are experiencing a particular difficulty you could search the forums to see if there is an answer or you could start a new thread asking if anyone knows a solution or where to find one.

Remember, the more people register and use this resource, the larger and more useful PTA Connect will become, so get involved and be part of the PTA Connect community.

This site and the Forums site are currently being modified. If you have any suggestions, get in touch from the forums.

One final thought; just imagine how much time could be saved at your PTA and Committee meetings...!